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Untethered - Issue #1 (2017)

A preview of artwork from my first full comics issue, Untethered.
It follows Frank, a man who discovers that drinking a Genie (Djinni) has dire consequences for himself and those around him. And there might be more around him than he first expects.
This project started life in Uni as a short comic for one of the modules, which i then took to my friend Umar Ditta to write up into a full story. It's the opposite way to how comics are usually made, but it was worth the gamble - and I'm so happy so many people on Kickstarter agreed. We had a great wee team, with Umar writing, myself on art, Mike Maynard on colours (those seen here are tests I did before realising I was in no way ready to colour this thing myself, and Mike was more than ready to), Robin Jones on letters, Iain Laurie on variant cover, and the wonderful folks at UK Comic Printing helping it become reality.
The book is now available through Comichaus:

Elliot balson book template cover e

Cover Colours

Elliot balson cover roughs

Cover Layout Tests

Elliot balson cover scan

Cover Scanned Inks

Elliot balson u page1 rough

Page 1 Roughs

Elliot balson u page1 inks

Page 1 Inks

Elliot balson u page2 rough

Page 2 Roughs

Elliot balson u page2 inks

Page 2 Inks

Elliot balson u page1 2

Pages 1-2 Colour Test

Elliot balson u page3 layout

Page 3 Roughs/Layout

Elliot balson page 3 scan

Page 3 Scanned Inks

Elliot balson u page3 inks

Page 3 Final Inks

Elliot balson u page3 colours

Page 3 Colour Test

Elliot balson u page4 layout

Page 4 Roughs/Layout

Elliot balson u page4 inks

Page 4 Inks

Elliot balson u page4 colours

Page 4 Colour Test

Elliot balson u sketches

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