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Transformations: The D’Arcy Thompson Comic (2017)

Probably my biggest (in status and length) Dundee Uni project so far - a look at the D'Arcy Thompson museum in Dundee!
This was a fictional tale about Kate, a student who adores the museum. While Kate is fictional, the museum, Thompson, and Professor Peacock were all real, so this took a ton of research and reference. Luckily the writer, Matthew Jarron, is the Museum's current curator, and was abel to send us artists everything we might need.
I worked on the intro (9 pages), with a middle comprised of a dream sequence illustrated by Helen Robinson and Letty Wilson, with another page from myself at the end to wrap things up. Letters by Norrie Millar, and a cover by Ian Kennedy of Commando fame to boot!
I was flattered to be asked to take this on, and while the strip was tough to draw at times it was a great experience and project.
Copies can be found here:

Elliot balson page 1 darcy

Page 1 Colours

Elliot balson page 1 inks darcy

Page 1 Inks

Elliot balson page 1 rough darcy

Page 1 Roughs

Elliot balson page 2 darcy

Page 2 Colours

Elliot balson page 2 inks darcy

Page 2 Inks

Elliot balson page 2 rough darcy

Page 2 Roughs

Elliot balson page 3 darcy

Page 3 Colours

Elliot balson page 3 inks darcy

Page 3 Colours

Elliot balson page 3 rough darcy

Page 2 Roughs

Elliot balson dt kate sketches1

Kate Concept Art - Set 1

Elliot balson dt kate sketches2

Kate Concept Art - Set 2

Elliot balson peackock and d arcy sketches1

D'Arcy Thompson and Professor Peacock Concept Art.