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Taste of Freedom (2017)

A 4-page comic for UK Comics Anthology Comichaus, written by Gary Chudleigh. Drawn in PS, letters in Manga Studio.
As it's only 4 pages there's not much I can show without spoiling it. It's a great little story about an alien version of Sea World where humans are made to perform for their new overlords, which a much more sinister sub-plot. As such, the costumes have a swimsuit feel to them, and all the aliens are based off sea-creatures - a goblin shark, whales, blob fish, jellyfish, pirhanna etc.
I had a great time playing with some tones here and sticking to black and white, and I look forward to doing more work with Comichaus, and Gary, in the future. These short strips are great to fit around another job and try out some new stuff. I'll update this project with a link to the full comic on Comichaus' site when it's up!

Elliot balson tof page 1 2

Page 1 Inks

Elliot balson tof layouts1

Page 1 Roughs

Elliot balson tof page 1 wip

Page 1 Inks Progress

Elliot balson tof page 1 wip 2

Page 1 Inks Progress 2

Elliot balson tof sketches1

Character Designs - Humans

Elliot balson tof sketches2

Character Designs - Aliens