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The Royal - Comic (2017)

This might look familiar, as it's based on the storyboards I've uploaed from my 4th Year animation film, The Royal.
My friend Drew Baumgartner was putting together an anthology with the theme (and name) of Masks - and so it seemed like a perfect time to revisit The Royal. Like the film, the goal here was to tell a somewhat complex story with a couple twists purely visually - no text beyond any that physically exists in the world - and to have a Noir feel while making it quite colourful.
This was a blast, and it was fantastic to see the project in a finished form after so long, and to close off my time in animation and I move into comic.
MASKS: An Anthology was fully funded on Kickstarter, and I'll update this project about it and when/where it's available.

Elliot balson page 1 colours royal

Page 1 Colours

Elliot balson page 1 inks royal

Page 1 Inks

Elliot balson page 1 roughs royal

Page 1 Roughs

Elliot balson page 2 colours royal

Page 2 Colours

Elliot balson page 2 inks royal
Elliot balson page 2 roughs royal

Page 2 Roughs

Elliot balson page 3 colours royal

Page 3 Colours

Elliot balson page 3 inks royal

Page 3 Inks

Elliot balson page 3 roughs royal

Page 3 Roughs

Elliot balson page 4 colours royal

Page 4 Colours

Elliot balson page 4 inks royal

Page 4 Inks

Elliot balson page 4 roughs royal

Page 4 Roughs