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Taking Control of Fibro (2017)

A comic about a boy named Andrew's experiences with battling fibromyalgia - layouts by Chris Murray, script by Chris Murray and Andrew Keiller. This was once again published through Dundee University, and at only 4 pages I felt it best to just preview the first page.
Through a tight deadline and a wish to experiment, and wanting to utilise some of the styles seen in Graphic Medicine (comics about illness) this style is a lot more stylised than I'm used to, but it a really enjoyable to work on because of it! The purple version is what ended up being used. I originally chose green as it's associated with medicine and cleanliness, but also worked with purple as it's the colour used to associate fibromyalgia - much in the same way pink is used to represent breast cancer.
Definitely looking to try doing my more projects with this art style, or even to move somewhat towards it in general.
The full comic is available for free here:

Elliot balson fibro colours1 2

Page 1 Final Colours

Elliot balson fibro colourtest2 2

Page 1 Preliminary Colours

Elliot balson fibro inks1

Page 1 Inks

Elliot balson fibro roughs1 letter test

Page 1 Roughs