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ALPHA Reborn - Part 2: Burning Bright (2015)

A sample of a short comic featuring imagined adventures of Alpha; a British superhero that Dundee University brought back to print through their UniVerse imprint. It was fun to work on a character who existed a while ago and imagining what their adventures would be like had they not fallen to the wayside.
This one was set in the 80s, written by Prof. Chris Murray.
The cover style was a bit out of my wheel-house colouring-wise, but definitely a fun experiment!

Elliot balson alpha page1 plain

Page 1 Inks

Elliot balson alpha page1roughs

Page 1 Roughs

Elliot balson alpha page2

Page 2 Inks

Elliot balson alpha page2roughs

Page 2 Roughs

Elliot balson alpha reborn cover4

Cover Colours

Elliot balson alpha reborn cover prog2

Cover Colour Progress

Elliot balson alpha reborn cover prog

Cover Inks

Elliot balson alpha reborn cover roughs

Cover Roughs

Elliot balson robotron

Robotron Design Concept